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While juggling a career in marketing & product roles (and being an entrepreneur of a profitable clean-tech startup),  I was keen on building a digital presence for an online business idea I had.

This had me running head first into a few problems:

  • It was difficult to find agencies or freelancers that offered startup or SME oriented pricing or results.

  • Most service providers I came across offered only a portion of the overall picture :  SEO , SEM , CRO , UX , Front-End , Back-End.....huh? 

    • This works well on a corporate/brand level, but not so much if you're a startup/SME looking to just get started on an online presence.  

    • All you need - is to be accessible online, be able to reach your first set of customers and convert them into business.

    • This is difficult, if you're preoccupied with the hassle of sourcing, vetting and wrapping your head around multiple digital vendors and services. 

It costed time, money and effort to go through the above process,  which I could have saved myself from had I known an agency that offered startup/SME friendly digital solutions. 

This set the foundation for me to build -  Digital Kay.  A mini-agency that is focused on saving people from the above hassle, so they can focus on what matters the most - growing their business.

If you are looking for a growth partner, that is invested in generating ROI for you and not a "non-five figure" contract - lets chat !

It would be great to work together to launch and grow your business online - hassle free.


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